Maize the Golden Food and Cash Crop

Maize is said to be introduced in Uganda in 1861 and by 1900 was already an established crop. The World Bank estimates that there are about 1.3 million ha. of land suitable for maize production. The major point here is how much do you know about this golden food / cash crop from the garden to the market.

SEATINI -Uganda will be having a Radio talk show on Monday on Radio Nakaseke102.9fm from 5-6pm to create awareness to residents in Nakaseke District about the importance of the maize standards and the benefits of compliance with set standards You can forward your questions about Maize in advance on our facebook page


After  the Rainstorm  which  hit the Telecentre last week  we have successfully  managed to  put the roof back  and  resumed our broadcasting services.  However, we might change a few of our programs  soon. Please stay tune 102.9fm

Nakaseke Community Radio 102.9 fm Hit by a Rainstorm!

On the 9th February,2015 at around 4: 30 a Ten minute  Heavy rainstorm  hit the Telecentre Premises and  left the roof of the  Community Radio  off !  other community residents in Nakaseke Town Council  also suffered the same  as  their business came on a stand still up to day!

 The Radio studios was the most affected part plus the Office room leaving equipment destroyed! This is the second storm since 2007.

So far, we  have managed to raise some support from the community to put back the roof. However, we are not  yet back on Air  because we are still  struggling with some  repairs to our studio equipment.

We therefore, do apologize to all our clients for not broadcasting your programs  and we also do thank you for being with us in this  difficult situation. We shall  officially inform you when we resume our broadcasting services.
Please  continue  working with us.